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Kiflicki so sunka i kaskaval...meki.//Croissants with ham and cheese /VIDEO

Recipe in English:
Croissants with ham and cheese.

Croissants with ham and cheese, now video recipe will be ready,because the breakfast or dinner are especially practical domestic supplement dough.Have and there in the dough, yogurt and roll time, and you're ready to dinner or breakfast.

-300ml warm milk
-300ml mineral water
-flour as needed-about 900g
-4 tablespoons sugar-little
-2-1 tablespoons salt-little
-yeast cubes
-150 ml of oil
-Put egg whites into the batter
-1 egg yolk on top
-sesame for on the rolls
-little margarine on top
-chopped ham to taste
-cheese to taste.
The warm water add yeast to melt, add the sugar, salt, oil, egg white and knead.Add more flour, milk, mineral water, all ingredients except for those in rolls with sesame and egg yolks, knead a medium soft dough.
Leave the dough to leavened and then knead well and divide into 3 equal balls.
Each peel extend to a larger circle and remove after 12 rolls.
On each piece put a piece of cheese and ham, roll it croissants.Apply yolks with rolls, and salt sesame seeds on each roll put a little margarine that you are soft.
Allow to sit for a bit while the oven heats up to 250 C.bake 5 min at 250C and then the temperature Reduce to 200C and bake for 15 min.
Very soft and tasty rolls with so little product, but you have taste breakfast or dinner.
A can be for your glory and celebration .

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