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Fruit cake strawberries,delicious cake and tasty.

Fruit cake strawberries,delicious cake and tasty.Cake for your holiday as what Easter.
Do you like tasty cake this is for you recipe,it very sweet homemade cake.
This cake is special because a lot fila little flour and fruit is true especially delicious.


For 4 barks:

20 egg whites
400g sugar
4 tablespoons vinegar
500g walnuts
4 tablespoons flour
A little baking powder
8 tablespoons of ground biscuits

For the filling:

20 egg yolks
5 tablespoons sugar
1 l of milk
4 vanilla pudding
1 butter-margarine = 250g
250g icing sugar
White 100g milk chocolate for the Fill
One cup of strawberries 300ml comment-coreless
500ml whipping cream (can be replaced and whipped cream)
50g white chocolate on top


Whisk 4 bark from 5 to 100 g of egg white and sugar to add vinegar 1 spoons, stir until sugar otopi.Add 125g of finely chopped or milled oraha.Add and 1 tablespoon of flour, 2 tablespoons minced keks.Pleh coated by baking paper and pour it to bake cake in preheated 200C pecke.Pecku Heat Stat cake Peci 45 minutes at 120C.

Repeat with all 4 bark Remove the paper I leave it to cool.

For Fil Place the cream in a large pot to boil, for this time until the cream to a boil in another bowl mix the egg yolks with sugar, I added a little bit of cold milk ,, I add pudding.All equalize ingredients together, I pour in the boiling milk.

Cook Fil and cool,butter Add powdered sugar, whisk Good white chocolate soften her, I added code putter.Mixed to procreate, I then added gradually from fill and yolks and milk ,.

Whip the cream and record for filleting.

Filleting: First, put a biscuit,Yellow Fil, apply a layer of cream via fila.Add Other Cake, Yellow Fil again, I over medium Fil apply the cream layer and through it strawberries.Add the arrange the third Cake, Yellow Fil again, sweet creamer and finally puts the last bark.Only cake coated ham ham or supplemented with clay molds Garnish Penne I'm whipped cream for decoration Totra.

Over the whole cake top Put the white chocolate shell of finished or something you Add To act nice.

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