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Tea for green tea with lemon and ginger.

Green tea with lemon and ginger is a mixture, which strengthens the immune system and helps our body to fight against many problems.Green tea is also known to be used for the removal of excess fluids and toxins from the human body.

Therefore, green tea part of a lot of preparation for removing weight.Refines and hoses, especially if in the morning on an empty zeljudac* take one cup tea.Lemon the fruit that is used at 1000 ways.And ancient Egyptians used it against both the poison snake.This prey from the record according to the Greek physician Ateney who worked in Rome in the first century of the new era.

Lemon can be used as a refreshing drink, the addition of fragrances for cakes, a medicine used for cosmetic purposes.


Put 1 tablespoon of mixed tea in a glass of tea, warm water and soak-eye 80C.leave to stand for 3 minutes.

Strain and drink tea, a tea mixture can be used again.

This applies only to the mixture of tea, herbal teas because there are rules that must be respected.

A rule for other teas are not the same some teas do not cook twice.I rule exists that tea when added to water, and how much cooking.

And it is also very important that the tea boiled in a special containers.Its depending on the kind of material they are made to withdraw from odors of other foods that are cooked in them.

Signs of a pot of tea is the only tea.

This was recommended by the people who deal with this mode of treatment, it is a natural way.This each should consult your doctor for serious problem.A this tea would not hurt anyone if you drink in moderation, and not non-stop.

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