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Nutrition woman Mature menu.

Nutrition woman of mature years is a post that I devoted to all women who have already entered into adulthood.


This is a menu which I think is very good because every day has the content they need to eat healthy and to enter into our body.Its, is also a health and beauty from the inside and the food we eat.

The menu is made up of 14% protein, 27% fat, 59% sugar and about 1300 mg of calcium.

Every day is provided by two tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of juicy oil.

For breakfast take one cup of coffee, and Ržana cakes with two spoons of jam, and how to choose a snack yogurt or fruit.

This is an ideal food intake of 2000 calories!



Dough with cheese-70g

120g salmon on the grill or scissors

200g of lettuce and red tomato

2 mandarin fruit

1 cup red wine (wine works comforting)

Dinner:mixed of 30 grams and 150 grams of surface rice, 150g roasted red peppers, 60 grams r'zani bread, 1 apple.



70g dough with mozzarella

200g spinach-cooked

mixed fruit

1 cup red wine


30g mixture of vegetables and 100g of dough (spaghetti-macaroni, etc.)

200g chicory

60g r’zani bread

1 orange



70g dough with fresh cheese

200g salad of arugula

mixed fruit

1 cup red wine-checked this soothes headaches with mental tension for 15 minutes ... :).!


-mixed dough and vegetables at will batter 30g, 200g vegetables to taste.

-200g Green chicory salad, 60g r'zani bread, 2 slices of pineapple.



-70g Spaghetti with tomato sauce

-200g baked articok

-1 pear

-1 Glass of red wine


-30g Soup of tiny pasta, 120g of roast meat-poultry, 200g salad of red tomato, 60g r'zani bread, 2 tangerines.



-70g Pirin sa

-200g zucchini

-200 carrots

-1 apple

-1 Glass of red wine


-mixed of 30g and 50g rice, soy, pepper 200g (roasted), 60g r'zani bread., and 2 Kiwis.



-70g risotto with saffron

-200g boiled chicory (chicory is jako Lekovit food and anti-carcinogenic)

-1 orange

-1 Glass of red wine


-30g Soup of tiny pasta and 1 egg, cooked broccoli, 60g r'zani bread- (black bread cereal called raz'-healthy food-healthy food), fruit cup fruit mixture.



-70g Text knows papricice

-200g mixed vegetables, potatoes, blue eggplant, and zucchini in the oven baked

-fruit salad

-1 Glass of red wine


-30g Pasta, 50g chickpeas

-200 mixed salads ad tomato carrot rico, salads

-60g r’zani bread-see-(od zitarica)*

-1 juice-orange

This is an excellent overview of nutrition for women, and in general for all the people, when they mature, and when metabolism gradually begins to slow down.

So that the people themselves should bring less food and calories, because this table is not processed in the process of metabolism, deposited as a human bodi.A when the body is filled with toxins and waste matter started occurring in the health problems.How feed can be seen on our face and body, because the food-beauty from the inside.

The more movement, the consumption of fruits and salads that contain lots of vitamins and minerals for the human body is an important way of eating.

Izvor:Lila.S.i R.S.I.

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