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Donuts gluten-free recipe.

This recipe for donut-donuts, I hand-made, perhaps there are some other on the net, it has on my blog for Mekić without gluten.Are very tasty Mekic, and here are my donuts gluten-free, beautiful fragrant and tasted by someone likes gluten.te not gluten.Lako the right, with a little of the product and quickly end up on your plate.


-1 cup great for tea 300ml flour gluten (the bag writes (gluten free)
-2 s. Proin kasike-kukuruzno Sitno brasno
-5 s. Tablespoons olive oil if you have or sunflower oil
-1 small spoon coffee sugar
-some hot water
-little yeast-size figs (little unusual measures or will write that to avoid excessive because it's not it)
-few are
-4 s. Tablespoons powdered sugar
-oil for frying-sunflower


Mix the flour in a large bowl, add the yeast, sugar.so.i hot water, leave to dissolve the yeast, then add the oil.

Knead the dough and carefully add water to flour ... (if it happens more water added to white flour gluten-free).

Leave the dough to rain 45 minutes, put the oil in a pan to heat, and hands smeared with oil taken from the test and remove the small balls.

Raspleskajte hands and Rack up on the plate a little dough, then fry in oil that does not need to be very heated.

Fry donuts about 5-7 minutes on low temperature oils, it does not stay inside nepecene, then slatted spoon remove the donuts on paper to absorb excess grease paper and salt with powdered sugar.

Serve donuts gluten joc warm as breakfast or snack, they are very tasty, and at the same time this is a lean dough.
I took pictures because a lot of them is someone waiting to eat them because they are really like. (Bakun donuts)

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