недеља, 20. новембар 2016.

Stobi flips candy cakes.

These are very delicious small cakes, and nice looking, easy to prepare with a little namirnica.A special and tasty.


150g ground biscuits
120g sugar
120g margarine -putera
50 ml of water
50g grated white chocolate
1 Bag of vanilla sugar.
50 g of dark chocolate glaze
5 tbsp cream
coko stobi flip sweets


Biscuits grind, water with sugar, margarine and boil, add the vanilla and pour into a bowl where the ground biscuits.

Altogether knead well spoon, let cool slightly, then add the grated white chocolate, be careful not dissolved.

Mix the ingredients and take a little bit of mold filled cakes, placed in the middle of one coko flips sweet.Cover the test for cookies and press to squeeze the masses.

Allow cookies to cool then dissolve dark chocolate for cooking, with fresh cream and pour glaze over cookies.Put cookies in the basket of paper, and leave to cool until serving.

The looks particularly I liked.

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Istaknuti recept.

Bombici so biskviti i zele bomboni./Bomblets are biscuits and jelly candies.

Jedna moja varijanta domasni sitni kolaci,a ednostavni za podgotovka.Mene mi se dopadja i vkusot i izgledot.Sigurno ste vo potraga po nesto ...


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