четвртак, 03. новембар 2016.

Green mixed salad with eggs.

Salad admired, and this is my version of a combination of several types of vegetables with eggs and little sira.Meni really liked because it is delicious and provides any energy, especially for people who are working voltage, and for strong imunitet.Tako to recommend it as a side dish as a snack when you have a good company and a drink .. :)


*1 small-lettuce
*1 small carrot
*half a larger red tomatoes
*1 hard-boiled egg
*half the fresh cucumber
*salt to taste
*4-5 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
*3-4 tbsp olive oil
*dry spices to taste
*little put the ginger on the eggs
*30g harder cheese
*1 person


Salad washed and cut into larger strips, carrot peel and grate it on a large noodles.Tomatoes cut at higher odds and ends and cucumber washed and cut into circles.

In a deep pot first put lettuce, carrots and cucumber seasoned with oil, vinegar, and salt, stir everything together.

Then transfer the contents of lettuce on the plate for serving,add tomatoes into slices, chopped egg also what larger.

When everything is properly sorted in the plate add other spices, I'm ginger play balls, and from above put a bit of crushed hard cheese, and persuna.A little I play and oregano from the eggs.

This is a real vitamin servings-green salad with fresh vegetables.

The taste is fantastic and you will be full. (Em sit em fit) ... I recommend the way on my way and when you want to download a kg .. :)))

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