субота, 12. новембар 2016.

Cake for baptism and description of the procedure.

This is the cake for baptism, my creation, and the composition and appearance.
Otherwise, the inspiration I've found on the net and combined a few details of the cake, and I used it and his mastu.That created this beautiful cake now as an inspiration to others.
In short lines, which I'll describe the tools used, and the composition of the chocolate cake with nuts and raisins.

For decoration I used homemade fondant who work alone, but the details and molds cu appear next to the image.
For the bottom of the cake I used a silicone mold to form small balls, for all around the cake with white fondant.A basic fondant I dyed purple food color.

For shoes I used accessory that is next to the shoe.

The strips on the side I by the rules of white fondant cake mold using sekaca.A flower am also prepared using the mold for large flowers and I used the auxiliary molds petals.

So there was this beautiful cake that looks beautiful and details, I'm proud of my work, which is pleased to say, a part of my knowledge I transferred to you.

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