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The diet with potatoes.

This is a recipe for diet back to the '80s, I care how many other prescription preserved, I decided to release it because it was not bad, especially since we know that potatoes Dietary product which can be recommended for a child for vita attitude.

Not to talk about doctors' recommendations when necessary to hold the light of food for other medical treatment, the medicine I will not write because I medical face.

I'll just spodeliti this recipe with you, I also have another interesting also old recipe.

Monday: - the whole day to eat potatoes and cooked in unsalted water, the amount is not limited.
Breakfast : yogurt and 1 apple.

Lunch : potatoes medium sized baked in the oven, and topped hulled oil, piece pieletine or other lean meat grilled or toasted .... because where to find the right apartment in .. :) .. apple.

Dinner : salad of boiled potatoes, seasoned with vinegar, parsley and boiled egg, fruit salad without sugar.


Breakfast : cup of milk and cup of toasted bread.

Lunch: Potato soup, poached egg, an apple.

Dinner: two potatoes baked in the oven, 50g of cottage cheese, fruit.

Thursday: as Monday.


Breakfast : cup of unsweetened tea, a few biscuits.

Lunch : potato puree, 100 g of cottage cheese, apple.

Dinner: boiled potatoes, topped with tomato sauce, cheese, salad.


Breakfast: a cup of milk, 1 cooked virsla.

Lunch: 2 potatoes baked in the oven, lean meats grilled 100g, tomato juice.

Dinner: two boiled potatoes seasoned with oil and vinegar, MLED cheese, fruit.

Sunday: same as Monday.

And that's a child of the eighties, preserved in my oldest newspapers which were then current, to recall those times .Let them might remember still like me.

This is from NADA edition. (Completely transferred to the text).
A picture I borrow that little embellish article.

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