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Tea made from corn silk. (Natural remedy for stone and sand in the kidneys)

This recipe got your company time and occasionally it and personally use, proven recipe for this healing drink tea made from corn silk, melting sand and stone in the kidney.

Even in ancient times, our grandmothers knew that this is a very useful tea and corn is considered a gift from boga.Columbus transferred to other distant continents, he was planted by the Incas, the people for whom he once corn was the staple food.
There is a special way fertilization of corn, that would give higher yields, the Incas were the muck such as next to the root of each corn stalks, put one fish.

The interesting thing about the natural fertilization, while the Mexicans corn is a symbol of awakening, spring, and other nations was an abundance of food, and therefore peace.

Since it is the rule of many local dishes, and I still remember his childhood, mush and corn bread she baked by an old-fashioned mom prepare.Mom it is showered with lard, and from above to put meat and chopped bacon and fried.

It was very tasty, and today has a bunch of recipes on this subject, our ancestors had been in Macedonia ate with sirutkom ili with rasolnicom-( the brine from cabbage) .I it like today when there in the winter I make myself a rasolnica -the brine from cabbage, this old delicacy. (A whey is a very healthy food) for breakfast.

Unlike before, today we have an abundance of a variety of food, and should be periodically remember how long-lived health.I to me the young corn is represented by I occasionally freeze in the course of the winter we like to eat at home as boiled, grilled or baked is more tastier.

And quite often the real corn bread and porridge, and occasionally bread, and on the other mixtures brasna.A corn is a food rich in valuable biological ingredients.

Refreshes our body, gives strength and energy, is given to the children, with me the children in the family's domestic obozavaju.najzdrava old sort, even if it is organic uzgajana.To is white corn with those white Zrnić, which I adore having excellent taste .

Since corn is real and nikulci- (shoots of grain), and are used for making oil, with high quality, which is rich in vitamin E, which is called the fertility vitamin.

This oil is used for salads, and the progressive arteriosclerosis, for namalenje cholesterol.
Do you want to use as a remedy here is to be consumed, 20 g per day is sufficient quantity, but should be assertive, with natural remedies and believe the results will not fail.

Personally I have a few times for some health problems pulled using prirode.I write recipes and combinations of tea, because they have been checked for women in menopause and some other recipes.

As for corn silk, it covers the grain of corn and is full of vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and very nutritious sastojaka.Zna to be actively used in pharmaceuticals, but is known to the people as a natural remedy for healing, sand and stone in kidneys.Jos as a child I remember that my grandmother talked to have been drinking tea for such problems and some others.

With regular consumption of tea made from corn silk, preventing the retention of urine-which is effective for gout, because it is the basis of the bass with such issues ...bouncer toxins and urine.

And so the rocks are melted and gradually disappear, to prepare this tea, you will be required: (a young silk that is read when the corn in lactic period, then dried, and stored tea as follows).

Recipe: One tablespoon is poured with 300 ml of water and allowed to boil for 2 minutes.

Tea is filtered and then drink it before meals on an empty stomach, that would fluid in the body passed through the body and purify it.

Personally my advice and experience in this period and when you get up the first time drinking water, works very purifying the whole body.

For taste I will say it is very pleasant, and you do not need sugar in tea, resembles the one liquid when brewing young corn.

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