петак, 28. октобар 2016.

Chocolate balls.

This is a real pleasure to have this kind of dessert, especially for gourmets, those who love chocolate, and also the great dessert, these are chocolate balls.Easy are preparing for a very short of time, that's the dessert.Love these cookies store especially for winter glory .


*100g dark chocolate
*100g white chocolate
*70g coconut flour (Chicken)
*100ml cream-kream
*30g son
*5-6 tablespoons of ground biscuits


First grind the cookies, then melt half the cream with dark chocolate on a quiet fire.

The same procedure and make the white chocolate (white chocolate) and the rest of the cream, mixed to just limp white chocolate.

The mixture of white chocolate to add ground biscuits and butter, add coconut flour .

Compounds equalize, and leave to cool in the refrigerator, then form balls and arrange on a platter.

Dark chocolate melted should be cool, but to still be in liquid form, in it dip chocolate balls-chocolate balls.

Dispose of balls in baskets for serving, and will dispose of them to cool in the fridge.

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Istaknuti recept.

Bombici so biskviti i zele bomboni./Bomblets are biscuits and jelly candies.

Jedna moja varijanta domasni sitni kolaci,a ednostavni za podgotovka.Mene mi se dopadja i vkusot i izgledot.Sigurno ste vo potraga po nesto ...


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